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ERICE MADE / FS-024 technology fabric long-sleeved

ERICE MADE / FS-024 technology fabric long-sleeved

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model: 178cm 67kg L size

·Product Details

The fabric is made with a very high sense of sagging and functionality.

In addition, the fabric weighs about 300 grams and is highly functional.
The material is highly wrinkle resistant, easy to handle, absorbs moisture and expels it quickly.

Soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear.
Furthermore, because it is breathable and gentle on the skin,
Easy to clean!

1. The design has a strong layering feel and a neat contour.

2. The sleeves have a double pleated design that gives a strong visual layering and overlap.

3. The hem part has a triangular opening, and the front and back are designed with different lengths. Not only does it visually give a strong sense of layering and overlap, but it is also useful in daily wear so that the back hem does not touch the skin during large movements.

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